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Diamond Divas take the GGWCup UAE Trophy

Congratulations to the Diamond Divas for a well deserved victory. They truly showed what a Global Goals Champion is made of. From their dedicated action to raise awareness of Goal 11 -Sustainable Cities and Communities,  to their cool and creative uniforms, not to mention their tireless and supportive crowd and their outstanding football skills. Already on the Thursday night pledge day it was clear that they meant business! They came, they saw, and they took that trophy home! Over the next months we will follow the Divas as they prepare for the Global Final in New York City in September during the UN General Assembly. 

But also great kudos to the runners up from Spectacular 8. They impressed us all with their dedication to goal 14 -Life Below Water and their huge effort to raise awareness of the devastating effects of ocean pollution on marine life. We will never forget Tilly The Turtle, made of the thousands of cigarette butts that they had collected from local beaches. 

All the teams were amazing, and we are still smiling from all the great memories and new friendships that were made in the last few days. GGWCup moves on to new locations. But the spirit of the tournament will live on through the teams and their continued commitment to fight for the global goals. You are now all members of the growing Global Goals World Cup community of women all over the world, who play and take action for the world they want. 


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